Top 20 PCB Manufacturers in the USA: Leading the Charge in Electronic Manufacturing

The landscape of electronic manufacture in the United States is dynamic and innovative, with PCB (printed circuit board) production at its core. For those seeking manufacturing jobs near me or interested in manufacturing or warehouse jobs in the electronic sector, the importance of PCBs cannot be overstated. These intricate electronic components are the backbone of countless devices, driving both technology and employment. This article provides an overview of the top 20 PCB manufacturers in the USA, showcasing companies that are shaping the future of electronics and offering exciting career opportunities.

PCB manufacturers in usa
PCB manufacturers in usa

I. American PCB Industry and Manufacturing Employment

The American PCB industry encompasses a thriving community of manufacturers that contribute significantly to the economy and employment sector. With an increasing demand for high-quality PCBs, there’s never been a better time to explore manufacturing and warehouse jobs in this field. The industry supports a diverse range of roles, from design and engineering to production and quality control.

II. Top 20 PCB Manufacturers: Pioneers of Electronic Manufacture

We’ve compiled an illuminating list of the top 20 PCB manufacturers in the USA, which are not only at the pinnacle of electronic manufacture but also serve as fertile ground for professionals seeking manufacturing jobs. While we won’t delve into the details of all 20 companies due to space limitations, we’ll highlight several key players that exemplify the innovation and employment opportunities prevalent in the industry.

1. Advanced Circuits

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Advanced Circuits is known for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and for being one of the few PCB manufacturers that cater to both small quantity needs and full-scale production runs.

2. Sanmina

Sanmina stands out for its robust global presence and commitment to quality. Based in San Jose, California, they have a reputation for excellence in manufacturing complex and high technology PCBs.

3. TTM Technologies

With locations across the United States, TTM Technologies is a heavyweight in the PCB industry, offering diverse manufacturing and warehouse job opportunities for professionals and novices alike.

4. Jabil

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Jabil provides comprehensive electronics design, production, and product management services, making it a magnet for those aspiring to delve into electronic manufacture.

5. Flex Ltd.

Flex Ltd. operates with a forward-thinking approach, integrating intelligent manufacturing systems that demand a skilled workforce, thereby providing numerous manufacturing jobs in various American locales.

6. PCB Unlimited

Offers a variety of PCB services ranging from manufacturing to assembly, with an emphasis on a wide selection to meet different customer needs.

7.Sunstone Circuits

Specializes in fast turnaround PCBs and prototypes, serving both engineers and businesses with a focus on quality and customer support.

8. ExpressPCB

Provides quick and budget-friendly PCB prototyping services, with a user-friendly interface for designing and ordering PCBs.

9. Sierra Circuits

An integrated manufacturer of printed circuit boards and assemblies, known for specializing in PCB manufacturing and turnkey PCB assembly services.

10. Gorilla Circuits

A high-technology PCB manufacturer that focuses on high-performance printed circuit boards, including multi-layer, aluminum, and copper-based PCBs.

11. Amitron

Produces high-quality PCBs, specializing in aluminum PCBs, and caters to a wide range of industries like automotive, power supplies, and LED lighting.

12.Advanced Assembly

Offers quick turn assembly services for PCBs, targeting prototype and small to mid-volume orders.

13.Screaming Circuits

A division of Milwaukee Electronics, this company specializes in rapid PCB assembly for design engineers, with services ranging from prototypes to small-volume production.

14.Royal Circuits

Provides quick-turn, high-tech PCB fabrication catering to various industries including medicine, aerospace, military, and consumer electronics.

15.Epec Engineered Technologies

Delivers custom-engineered products, with a strong focus on printed circuit boards, battery packs, and flexible printed circuits among other services.

16.Imagineering Inc.

Known for prototype and production of PCBs, this company services a wide range of businesses with high-quality boards and fast turnarounds.

17.Millennium Circuits Limited

Offers both PCB manufacturing and assembly, with a focus on advanced technology boards and environmentally friendly options.

18.Whizz Systems

An electronics manufacturing service provider that offers a complete range of electronic design and manufacturing services including PCB design and assembly.

19.Tempo Automation

A technology-driven company that specializes in fast-turn prototyping and on-demand manufacturing of electronic circuit boards.

20.Advanced Circuits Colorado

This manufacturer provides various PCB solutions with a special emphasis on high-quality standards and personalized customer service. They cater to fast-turn prototypes and mass production.

III. Employment Growth in the PCB Sector

The PCB manufacturing sector presents a wealth of employment opportunities ranging from technical positions to assembly line work. As these top PCB manufacturers continually innovate and grow, the demand for skilled workers in manufacturing jobs near me shows an upward trend. The companies listed are just a sampling of the potential employers ready to invest in the American workforce.

IV. The Hub of Electronics: California’s PCB Epicenter

While PCB manufacturers are spread throughout the country, California deserves special mention as a hub for electronic manufacture. The state’s vibrant tech scene is home to numerous top-tier PCB manufacturers, and as such, it’s an excellent starting point for job seekers searching for “manufacturing jobs near me.”

V. Embracing the Future of PCB Manufacturing

As the demand for intricate and high-quality PCBs persists, these leading manufacturers are well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the tech-dominated future. Moreover, by investing in the latest production techniques, they provide a stimulating environment for employees interested in advanced manufacturing careers.

Please do note that this is not a comprehensive list of the top manufacturers, and the PCB industry is highly fragmented with numerous small to medium-sized businesses contributing to the market. Additionally, rankings can change over time due to mergers, acquisitions, market entry, or departures.
For the most current and comprehensive list, you would need to consult industry reports or databases which might require subscriptions or purchases, and these can provide detailed information including annual sales, number of employees, and other relevant metrics used to rank companies. Trade associations and industry networking events might also hold current and accurate insights.

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