Precise Temperature Control Solutions

Precise Temperature Control Solutions

Tengda Electronics provides customized temperature control solutions for applications in various industries, including plastics processing equipment, packaging machines, medical equipment, indoor planting, and more. We design and manufacture temperature controllers, sensors, heating/cooling elements, and complete thermal control systems tailored to meet the specific needs of your equipment or process.

Multi-span Temperature Controllers

We provide high-performance multi-span temperature controllers to control temperatures across multiple zones or setpoints. These controllers can operate multiple control loops with different span settings optimized for specific sensors like thermocouples and RTDs, along with various heating/cooling components such as PTC heaters, chillers, etc. Key features include automatic temperature control with PID algorithm and dual display.

Multi-span Temperature Controller
  • Number of control zones/loops: Available in 2 zones to 32 zones or more to suit applications
  • Universal inputs: Accepts thermocouple, RTD, analog 4-20mA, 0-5/0-10V sensor inputs with software-selectable spans
  • PID algorithm: Ensures accurate and stable temperature control with auto-tuning for minimal overshoot   
  • Dual display: Simultaneously displays settings and process values for all temperature zones
  • Alarms: Multiple high/low-temperature alarms per zone with latching or non-latching options
  • Communication: Protocols like Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, and profinet provide connectivity to HMIs and PLCs 
PID Temperature Controllers

PID Temperature Controllers

We provide single and multi-loop PID temperature controllers for simple on/off control or continuous PID control of temperatures. PID control uses an algorithm to automatically adjust heating/cooling outputs based on the difference between the measured temperature and setpoint. It is used in temperature controller thermostats and temperature control switches. Our PID controllers feature:

  • Universal inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, analog signals   
  • PID control: Auto-tune for optimized temperature control with minimal overshoot, oscillation   
  • Relay outputs: For on/off control of heaters, chillers, up to 2 or 4 relays per loop
  • Analog outputs: 0-10V or 4-20mA for analog input to variable frequency drives, PTCs, etc.   
  • Alarms: High and low alarms per control loop to alert when the temperature exceeds set limits    
  • Differential: Programmable differential hysteresis for on/off setpoint control       
  • Communication: Modbus compatible for integration into monitoring and control systems

Digital Temperature Controllers  

We provide low-cost digital temperature controllers to control small heaters, fans, and other equipment. These compact controllers offer temperature-controlled boxes and basic alarms.

  • LED display: 4-digit LED clearly shows temperature readings and settings
  • Thermocouple/RTD inputs: Supports thermocouple and RTD sensors for a range of applications
  • Simple menu:Easy to set parameters including temperature span, alarms, and PID values using a minimal number of buttons   
  • Relay outputs: Programmable relay rated for max. 2 or 10A to control on/off equipment  
  • Basic alarm: Available with single high/low-temperature alarm output
  • Compact size: Fits easily into small control panels, ideal for OEM equipment

With our in-depth experience in control system design, Tengda provides reliable and user-friendly temperature control solutions for safeguarding product quality, increasing productivity, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. We serve customers from initial product design to manufacturing tailored thermal control systems for their equipment and processes.

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