Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions for Electronic Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

Tengda Electronics provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to ensure cost efficiency, quality, and on-time electronic components and materials delivery. Our services include strategic component sourcing, compliance verification, logistics support, and regular supplier audits. With long-term relationships across thousands of vendors and years of designing and managing the supply chain, Tengda enables you to focus on continuous product innovation.

Worldwide Component Sourcing

Tengda has established procurement channels worldwide to source electronic components, raw materials, and related products. Our network spans reputable manufacturers and authorized distributors in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We conduct competitive bidding, price comparisons, lead time verification, and quality assessments to determine optimal supply sources based on your requirements. With a sizable inventory and strong supplier relationships, Tengda can rapidly fulfill material requirements and minimize purchasing costs.

Compliance Verification and Testing

We verify that all components and materials procured for your products meet regulatory standards like ROHS, REACH, and conflict minerals. C of Cs are collected from suppliers to confirm compliance, and we conduct additional in-house testing as needed using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Quarterly reviews of certification standards ensure all procured items continue to fulfill the latest compliance levels. Non-compliant suppliers are removed from our network.

Compliance Verification and Testing
Logistics- Shipping and ImportExport Support

Logistics, Shipping, and Import/Export Support

Tengda handles logistical processes, including consolidating component orders from multiple suppliers, storage, pick-and-pack, shipping preparation, loading/unloading, customs declarations, and freight forwarding. We have negotiated discounted rates with leading couriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx to save on shipping costs. Our import/export department efficiently handles cross-border shipping and declarations to avoid delays and minimize duties paid. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to your manufacturing needs. 

Rigorous Supplier Audits and Evaluations 

We conduct initial and periodic audits of key suppliers to assess their capabilities, certifications, quality management systems, and financial stability before onboarding and throughout supply contracts. Onsite audits document suppliers’ production scale, process controls, defect rates, and compliance with standards like ISO 9001. Regular scorecards and performance reviews by our supply chain program managers rank suppliers to determine partnership renewal or replacement to mitigate supply risks. Underperforming suppliers are issued corrective actions or replaced.

Tengda streamlines procurement, ensures quality, and reduces costs for electronic components and materials through strategic inventory, a global network of pre-qualified suppliers, in-house testing, and a dedicated logistics team. Our supply chain order management and solutions minimize risks, increase flexibility, and bolster your competitive advantage. You can focus on driving product innovation while we manage compliance, logistics, and cost-effective sourcing through our supply chain project managers. Supply chains exist in both service and manufacturing organizations.

Rigorous Supplier Audits and Evaluations
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