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Tengda Electronics offers customized electronic prototyping services to help you quickly develop proof-of-concept and beta versions of electronic products for testing, customer demonstrations, or regulatory certifications. We handle prototype PCB design, component sourcing, housing design, testing, and certification to streamline product development cycles and speed up launch.

Rapid PCB Prototype Development 

Tengda provides fast-turnaround PCB prototyping for evaluating and testing of electronic designs. We leverage advanced PCB design tools to translate your Gerber files or concept sketches into customized prototype PCBs. Our extensive circuit libraries and supply chain partnerships enable us to select optimal components and materials that match price, performance, and availability needs. Prototype PCBs can be delivered within as little as 3 to 5 days for basic boards.  

Rapid PCB Prototype Development

Component Sourcing 

We can access many electronic components through suppliers across Europe, North America, and Asia. Our long relationships with leading component manufacturers allow us to source parts that may have limited availability. We can procure samples or minimum order quantities to meet the specific needs of your prototype. With strategic inventory on hand and established buying channels, Tengda can fulfill BOMs for a wide range of rapidly built prototypes.

Component Sourcing

Custom Enclosure and Housing Design

Our industrial design team excels in designing and creating enclosures and housing for prototypes that provide visual appeal and functionality. They can craft models using CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal forming, or injection molding based on your specifications. We design enclosures optimized to fit the PCB and components while allowing adequate ventilation and/or weather sealing. Enclosures can then be crafted, assembled, and tested as integral parts of your prototype. 

Prototyping Certification and Compliance Testing  

For prototypes requiring certification for sale or customer trials, Tengda offers EMC, wireless, and safety certification testing and consultancy services. We conduct testing based on the CE, FCC, and UL mark requirements to evaluate emissions, immunity, voltage variations, materials, etc. Our calibrated test chambers and certified engineers can generate verification reports to prove certification compliance for your electronic prototype. We also provide IP rating tests for ingress protection.

Tengda provides turnkey prototyping solutions with dedicated teams focused on PCB fabrication, product engineering, testing, and regulatory compliance. We deliver customized prototype electronics tailored to your needs to enable rapid customer demonstrations, beta testing, design validation, and certification. Drawing on our experience across multiple technologies and sectors, Tengda helps maximize the success of your new product launch. Our one-stop electronics prototyping services accelerate product development and time to market.

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