High-Quality AC Adapters and Power Supply Units

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Tengda Electronics designs and manufactures AC adapters, also known as power supply units (PSUs), to convert AC mains power into DC power for operating electronic devices. We provide standard off-the-shelf AC adapters as well as fully customized adapters tailored to your device’s power requirements. Our AC adapters are widely used for industries like consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, healthcare equipment, and IoT products.

12V AC Adapters

Our 12VDC AC adapters convert 120V or 240V AC input power into 12V DC power outputs. They are standardized to the popular 12V DC voltage level used for many types of equipment. Our 12V AC adapters offer different power ratings from 3A (36W) up to 10A (120W) and more, enclosed in both wall plug-in (wall wart) and desktop packages. Popular 12V AC adapters include:

12V AC Adapter
  • 12V 5A (60W) AC Adapter: Suitable for powering WiFi routers, Bluetooth speakers, and other low to medium-power consumption equipment.
  • 12V 8A (96W) AC Adapter: Ideal for some gaming accessories, USB chargers, and small entertainment systems that draw higher power.
  • 12V 12A (144W) AC Adapter: Capable of powering devices like portable mini-refrigerators, LED lights, computer fans, and some laptop chargers.  

19V AC Adapters

Our 19V AC adapters provide an AC/DC power conversion for operating equipment requiring the standard 19V DC voltage output. 19V is commonly used in conjunction with 3.42A (65W) to 6.32A (120W) or higher power ratings by some laptops, tablets, monitors, and telecommunications equipment. Our 19V AC adapters include:

  • 19V  3.42A (65W) 2.1mm/5.5mm AC Adapter: Powers select HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Dell laptop models with a 2.1mm/5.5mm barrel plug.  
  • 19V 3.95A (75W) AC Adapter with DC Plug Cable: Provides 19V DC via a durable cable with a threaded locking barrel connector to securely power compatible devices.
  • 19V 6.32A (120W) AC Adapter: High-powered 19V adapter ideal for laptops, some gaming consoles, and graphic drawing tablets with higher power demands.

24V AC Adapters

We offer AC adapters producing a 24V DC voltage output which is commonly used in some telecommunications, medical, commercial, and industrial equipment. Our 24V AC adapters provide power outputs of 24W up to 480W and beyond. Models include:

  • 24V 2A (48W) AC Adapter Enclosed: Compact 48W power supply adapter for basic 24V equipment like some PTZ security cameras, gate control systems, and audio equipment.  
  • 24V 10A (240W) AC Adapter Open Frame: Higher power open frame AC adapter suitable for operating some commercial and industrial 24V devices.
  • 24V 20A (480W) AC Adapter Enclosed: Heavy-duty 480W power supply equipped to power server racks, telecom switches, control systems, and other higher-power 24V equipment.  

Custom AC Adapter Design

For OEM projects with high-volume production requirements, we design fully customized AC adapters based on your device’s unique power specifications. Our capabilities include:

  • Non-Standard Voltages: Design AC adapters producing other DC voltages like 5V, 9V, 15V, 48V, etc., based on your device’s needs.   
  • High Power Ratings: Design beefy 200W, 300W, 600W, and 1000W+ power supply adapters as needed for your equipment.  
  • Special Connectors: Choose from a wide range of standard and proprietary connector types, including barrel jack, terminal block, DIN rail and panel mount, or we can customize other connector interfaces.  
  • IP Ratings: For use in harsh environments, we design adapters meeting IP54, IP65, and IP67+ water and dust ingress protection ratings.   
  • Branding: We can print your company logo and product information onto the AC adapter casing for branding if required.  
  • Regulatory Compliance: We design AC adapters meeting important certifications like UL, CE, PSE, and GS to gain market access.

Tengda Electronics is committed to delivering power supply products that provide consistent, long-term performance. Our custom power supply modules are engineered to the highest standards of quality and reliability. OEMs across industries trust Tengda power solutions to safeguard their brand reputation and uphold a great customer experience through products built to last. Find out why major OEMs around the globe choose Tengda as their trusted power supply partner. Our components, designs, and manufacturing processes are geared to produce power supplies that continue operating flawlessly for years. We guarantee power solutions that strengthen your brand integrity through superior reliability and product longevity. Are you ready to launch an innovative new electronic product? Talk to Tengda about developing a customized power solution to bring your vision to life. We make the complex process of power supply design and manufacturing simple through our end-to-end capabilities and flexible solutions. Contact Tengda Electronics today to discuss how we can supply innovative yet affordable power supply for your next product. We look forward to helping you build a device that redefines its category!

AC Adapters and Power Supply Units
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