High-Performance Peltier Modules and Thermoelectric Cooling Systems

Peltier Modules and Thermoelectric Cooling System

Tengda Electronics designs and manufactures Peltier modules, thermoelectric coolers (TECs), Thermoelectric Cooling Systems,and turnkey thermal management systems utilizing the Peltier effect. We provide precision temperature control solutions leveraging Peltier technology for applications such as medical and laboratory equipment, industrial lasers, electronics enclosures, and consumer goods. Our Peltier solutions offer compact, quiet, and energy-efficient temperature control without the vibrations and EMII associated with compressor-based systems.

Peltier Modules

Peltier modules, known as thermoelectric coolers (TECs), use Peltier elements to transfer heat and achieve temperature differentials between two sides. As current passes through the Peltier elements, one side absorbs heat while the other side dissipates it. Tengda produces high-performance Peltier modules rated from 5W to 1000W or more with temperature differentials of up to 70°C. Our Peltier modules feature:

Peltier Module
  • Ceramic Plate Construction: For high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, and corrosion 
  • N-type and P-type Element Pairs: Alternating n-type and p-type elements made of bismuth telluride create areas of hot and cold sides when voltage is applied.     
  • Maximum ΔT Rating: Indicates the total temperature differential possible between the cold and hot sides under maximum load. 20°C to 70°CΔT ratings are available for various module sizes.    
  • Input Voltage: Modules rated for standard 12V, 24V or 48V DC input voltage with ±5% tolerance. Some high-powered modules require higher 50V to 150V DC input.    
  • Overheat/Overcurrent Protection: Built-in overheat sensors and maximum current protectors help prevent damage to the TEC and system.  
  • High Reliability: 50,000 to 100,000+ hour mean time between failures in accordance with MIL standards.  
  • Customizations: We can modify standard Peltier modules or design fully bespoke modules to suit your power and thermal requirements.
Peltier Cooler Systems

Peltier Cooler Systems

For active temperature control in equipment and enclosures, we design thermoelectric cooler systems built around Peltier modules and a Peltier temperature controller. As modules vary in size, power draw, and cooling capacity, we determine the optimal combination of Peltier modules, heat exchangers/fans, and other components required to achieve your target temperature setpoint. Our Peltier-based cooling systems offer precise Peltier temperature control and thermoelectric temperature control:

  • Precise Temperature Control: Provide greater precision than compressor-based coolers/heaters (±0.1°C control possible).
  • Fast Response: React quickly to changes in setpoint or ambient temperature due to their solid-state design.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Up to 90% smaller and lighter than compressor systems.
  • Quiet Operation: No moving parts, so they emit no noise or vibration during operation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Do not use refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer.
  • Medical Peltier Systems: For applications like medical laser equipment, microscopes, and diagnostic devices. Stringent temperature control and range are required.
  • Laboratory Peltier Systems: Maintain a stable internal temperature in equipment like chillers, ovens, chambers, and sample holders for accurate testing and research purposes.
  • Enclosure Peltier Systems: Actively cool electrical enclosures and cabinets containing heat-generating components to prevent overheating while also avoiding condensation.

In short, Tengda is experienced in temperature regulation and product development. We have the technical expertise and engineering competence to design thermoelectric cooling solutions centered around high-performance Peltier modules. Tengda provides customized thermoelectric temperature control systems and Peltier controllers for your equipment and applications, from ideas and initial prototypes to volume manufacturing. Our turnkey solutions leverage Peltier modules to deliver precise Peltier temperature control and optimized performance tailored to your needs.

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