Comprehensive Motor Control Solutions

Comprehensive Motor Control Solutions

Tengda Electronics offers custom motor control solutions, including AC and DC motor controllers, stepper motor controllers, and drivers for industrial automation and motion control applications. Our experienced engineers design motor control systems tailored to your specific requirements, focusing on performance, safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

AC Motor Speed Control Solutions

We provide variable frequency drives (VFDs) to speed control AC motors such as induction and synchronous motors. The VFDs convert the fixed voltage and frequency from the power supply to a variable voltage and frequency to change the motor’s speed based on the application’s needs. We source reputable VFDs and also design custom VFDs for single and multi-pump systems.

Induction Motor Controllers: VFDs supply a variable 3-phase power to the induction motor to adjust its speed. We select or design variable speed motors with controllers based on the motor power rating, supply voltage, and target speed range. Additional features include PID feedback control, overload protection, and BECM connectivity.

AC Motor Speed Controller

Synchronous Motor Controllers: We apply synchronous motor speed control using digital VFDs that provide coordinated control of the motor’s magnetic fields for high power and high precision loads. An encoder provides position/speed feedback for precise speed regulation. These controllers suit applications like compressors, conveyors, and machine tools.

DC Motor Speed Controller

DC Motor Speed Controllers

Shunt Motor Controllers: We design thyristor converters and chopper drive circuits to control the speed of DC shunt motors. The motor control panel has features to vary the voltage applied to the armature, enabling the shunt motor’s speed to be adjusted. By incorporating current limiting features, we protect the motor. These controllers provide smooth speed control for small equipment like fans, pumps, and conveyors using 12v dc motor speed controllers.

Series Motor Controllers: We use thyristor converters to control series DC motors for applications requiring a wide range of speed control. As the field windings of series motors are connected in series with the armature, varying the supply voltage using thyristors gives a large range of speed control suitable for traction equipment like trolleys and trains. We also offer brushless motor controllers for operating 36v brushless motors at variable speeds.

Stepper Motor Controller

We offer stepper motor controllers and drivers that receive step and direction signals from the control system to activate and control stepper motors. Stepper motors provide accurate open-loop control for applications like CNC machines, 3D printers, robotic arms, etc. Our solutions include:

Two-Phase Stepper Motor Controllers: Control small to mid-size stepper motors commonly used in printers/plotters, medical equipment, and bonders/welders. We design drivers to suit motor specs.

Microstepping Stepper Controllers: For applications requiring very smooth motion and high resolution. By electronically simulated intermediate step positions, micro-stepping enables higher resolution and smoother rotation than full- or half-stepping drivers.

Stepper Motor Control Solutions

Closed-Loop Stepper Controllers: For precise position control, we integrate an encoder with the stepper motor to provide position feedback to the controller. This allows the stepper to operate in a closed-loop control environment with higher accuracy and performance over open-loop options.

Tengda has specialized in motor and motion control solutions for decades. We offer customized design services covering AC, DC, and stepper motors for industrial and automation applications. Tengda’s comprehensive turnkey solutions deliver precision control, robust performance, dependability, and safety from initial ideas to volume manufacturing and testing. Our expertise ensures your motor-driven products meet all key standards and requirements.

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