Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Tengda Electronics offers premier electronic manufacturing services (EMS) covering PCB assembly, box build assembly, component sourcing, product testing, and order fulfillment. We have over 10 years of experience providing turnkey solutions for OEMs worldwide. Our full range of manufacturing capabilities allows companies to scale rapidly while optimizing supply chain costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Automated SMT PCB Assembly

Tengda utilizes high-speed, high-precision Fuji SMT equipment for stencil printing, pick-and-place, and soldering of SMT components. Our NXT series machines feature AOI and accommodate lead pitches down to 0.3mm for maximum PCB density. We apply custom solder reflow profiles based on your board’s mixed components to achieve secure, uniform solder joints that meet IPC Class 2 and 3 standards. We also offer vacuum reflow and mini-wave selective soldering.

Automated SMT PCB Assembly
Wave Soldering for High-Volume PTH Assembly

Wave Soldering for High-Volume PTH Assembly

Tengda deploys specially engineered wave soldering machines from Vitronics Soltec for large-scale through-hole PCB electronic assembly manufacturing. Molten solder waves fully coat the PCB’s exposed copper in seconds to create reliable PTH solder joints. Precision pallet conveyor systems transport PCBs through at optimal speeds for maximum throughput.

Hand Soldering, Rework, and Touchup

Our trained technicians provide manual soldering, rework, and touchup services for SMT and PTH components where the automated assembly is unfeasible or requires rework. Technicians use lead-free, no-clean solder and tools like ESD stations, soldering irons, and microscopes to ensure precision workmanship.

Hand Soldering Rework and Touchup

Cable and Harness Assembly

Tengda offers end-to-end cable and harness manufacturing, from cutting and stripping to crimping, soldering, and inline testing. We construct complex harnesses and wiring systems to your specifications using high-performance cabling, connectors, and other components.

PCB Coating Spray

Our PCB coating spray services can help with PCB products that require a high level of humidity resistance. We offer both manual spray coating and automated spray coating for:
• Humidity-resistant PCBs
• Printed circuit boards requiring protection from moisture
• Electronics where condensation could lead to malfunction

Full System Integration  

Beyond PCBs and cables, Tengda provides comprehensive system integration, including enclosure design/assembly, analog/digital testing, burn-in, flash programming, and functional testing. Our turnkey solutions cover all aspects of electronic components manufacturing, from bills of materials (BOMs) and assembly procedures to final calibration, quality checks, and order fulfillment.

Stringent Quality Control

At every stage, from prototyping to volume production, Tengda enforces stringent quality control measures compliant with ISO 9001:2015. We apply state-of-the-art testers and inspection equipment to systematically validate soldering quality, PCB functionality, system performance, and reliability to exceed industry standards. All products are subjected to 100% testing and visual inspection before shipment.

With over 30,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space in Dongguan, China, and longstanding supplier partnerships, electronic manufacturers Tengda has the scale, flexibility, and capabilities to produce anything from small test runs to millions of units per year based on your requirements. Leverage our expertise and capacity to gain a competitive edge through high-quality, affordable electronic manufacturing services.

Stringent Quality Control
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