Unlock the Potential of IoT: Design for Connected Products

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries by connecting electronic devices and integrating them into data networks. IoT-enabled products leverage connectivity to deliver enhanced features, optimize operations, gain business insights, and enable new revenue models based on services. However, developing IoT products requires expertise across embedded systems, software, connectivity, and cloud integration.

Tengda Electronics offers professional IoT design services to help companies build innovative connected products. Our services span IoT product design, IoT system design, and providing complete IoT solutions. With decades of experience developing electronic devices and software, we have the expertise and capabilities to design any IoT product.

IoT Product Design

We handle IoT product design from concept through to mass production. Our product design services include designing the physical form factor and mechanical structure of IoT devices.

  • IoT Concept Design: Work with clients to ideate and conceptualize innovative IoT product ideas based on business goals and objectives. We develop product concepts, specifications, and UI/UX designs tailored to end users.
  • IoT Hardware Development: Design custom electronic hardware for IoT products, including single-board computers, sensors, product enclosures, and PCBs. We select components optimized for IoT connectivity and networking.  
  • Embedded Firmware: Develop embedded software and firmware to control IoT hardware, handle data monitoring/processing, connectivity and more. We program for popular processors, including ARM, PIC, AVR, and MPR.
  • Mobile App Development: Design intuitive mobile apps to provide a user control interface and data visualization platform for IoT products. Our mobile apps work with both Android and iOS mobile devices.  
  • Cloud Integration: Design IoT products with the ability to integrate with cloud platforms from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and others. We handle device authentication, data transfer, and storage in the cloud.  
  • Mechanical Engineering: Provide mechanical engineering services for IoT product designs, including 3D modeling, rendering, analysis, tooling design, and documentation for manufacturing.  

With a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, Tengda is able to design complete IoT products with electronics, embedded software, mobile apps, and cloud connectivity, meeting product specifications as well as industry standards for quality and reliability. We serve IoT startups as well as established OEMs seeking to gain a competitive advantage through connected product designs.

IoT Product Design

IoT System Design

We provide IoT system design services to integrate multiple connected products into a complete IoT control panel. Our IoT systems incorporate remote connectivity to devices through IoT platforms and cloud services.

IoT System Design
  • A centralized control interface: Browser-based or mobile app for monitoring and controlling all system components.  
  • Seamless device connectivity: All system devices are securely networked to share and transfer data in real time via WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or cellular networks.  
  • Data collection and analytics: All system data from various sensors and devices is aggregated in the cloud for analysis, visualization, optimization, and more.
  • Smart automation: Create automated actions, alerts, and controls based on triggers from system data and analytics. Achieve energy efficiency and optimization.
  • Scalability: IoT systems are designed to be highly scalable, enabling new devices and components to be added over time to improve functionality. System upgrades can push updates to all integrated devices.

IoT Solution Provider

For clients lacking IoT development experience, Tengda provides complete IoT solutions. Acting as an IoT solution provider, we handle all technical development required to take an initial product idea through to a finished, deployed IoT solution. Our services as an IoT solution provider include developing IoT product development and the remote IoI control systems.

  • Consulting on IoT solutions tailored to meet key business requirements based on our experience designing dozens of real-world IoT products and systems.  
  • Managing the IoT project from start to finish, including schedules, resources, costs, quality control, and delivery. We streamline the entire IoT solution-building process for our clients.  
  • Providing all IoT hardware, software, connectivity, and cloud services required using our portfolio of in-house skills and partners.
  • Ensuring the best available components and technologies are selected to optimize performance, reduce risks, future-proof, and maximize ROI on IoT solutions.
  • Delivering turnkey IoT solutions that are ready to install and provide immediate benefits to end users and business operators.  
  • Providing ongoing support, optimization, and feature upgrades to IoT solutions after deployment. 

Trust Tengda to build the IoT products of tomorrow today. We make the complex process of IoT product design simple through our flexible design solutions and global supply chain. Our expertise and partnerships empower you to turn concepts into reality. Discover why OEMs choose Tengda as their strategic IoT design partner. We provide sophisticated yet affordable IoT solutions that continuously push the boundaries of innovation. Our philosophy is to build enduring connected technology that enhances lives around the globe for years to come. Are you ready to release an innovative IoT product to transform your users’ experiences? Talk to Tengda about our end-to-end IoT design, manufacturing, and go-to-market services. We’ll help you envision, engineer, and scale the next generation of smart, connected devices. To build the future of IoT, contact Tengda Electronics today. Together, let’s provide IoT solutions that improve how people everywhere live, work, and play.

IoT Solution Provider
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