With Tengda’s complete suite of product services, not only can we help with prototype production, but we can review your design with an eye on material selection, functionality, and manufacturability, saving you cost and time in the product development cycle.

We can definitely help! We would sit down with you and our engineers and discuss your idea, what you want the product to do, how you want it to look and function, and any other important considerations. Our goal is to understand your vision and become your partner in the development of your product.

Yes, Tengda is your complete resource for all of your product development needs.

Yes, we do this often! As in the new product design process, we would sit down with you and our engineers to determine how we can improve upon the previous design and address any issues.

The next best step is to objectively critique the prototype. Now is the time that you want to realize and understand your customer perceptions of your product, while changes or modification are easily done and inexpensive. Is it too big, is the functionality easy to use and understand, is the product visually appealing? This step is often overlooked or underutilized. Don’t rush the evaluation of the prototype and don’t be afraid to put the effort into additional prototypes. It will be time and money well spent!

Once we have a design that you have approved and you are ready to begin the manufacturing process, we’ll take care of everything! This is the real difference between Tengda and other product development firms: We have the the engineering expertise, we have the supply chain expertise, and we have the manufacturing expertise all under the Tengda umbrella. We will not do half of the job and then hand you off to someone else; we own the entire product development process, which means lower cost, fewer headaches, and peace of mind for you.

When we have the opportunity to sit down and discuss your product vision, we will seek to completely understand what it is you want Tengda to do for you, whether it product design and development, prototypes, regulatory agency approvals, product testing, packaging, or manufacturing — we can do any or all of these steps as part of our proposal. Because Tengda is so thorough in the process of understanding your needs, you can rest assured that once we have given you a proposal, we will stand behind that proposal and the costs provided.

Each timeline is unique because of the unique needs of each project. This too will be determined during our process of understanding your product vision, and just like the pricing we provide in our proposal, we also provide you with a carefully determined timeline based on over 10 years of experience.

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