Custom Embedded System Design for Electronic Devices

Custom Embedded System Design for Electronic Devices

Embedded systems are self-contained computer systems designed for a specific purpose. They incorporate both hardware and software components tailored to the needs of an application. Embedded systems are used within almost every electronic device today to provide digital control and intelligent functionality.

Tengda Electronics offers custom embedded system design services to help clients develop innovative electronic products. Our team of engineers has decades of experience designing embedded systems for industries like consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, and medical devices. We handle all technical aspects of embedded system design from concept through to production.

Embedded Hardware Design

We provide full electronic hardware design and development services for embedded systems, including embedded hardware design.

  • Microcontroller Unit (MCU) Selection: Choose an optimal MCU, processor, or system on a chip (SoC) for your embedded application based on computing needs, power requirements, cost factors and software compatibility. Popular options include ARM, PIC, AVR, MPR, and RISC-V processor architectures.  
  • Sensors and Components: Select specialized components for your embedded system, like pressure/temperature sensors, actuators, RF modules, memory chips, displays, and more. We stay up-to-date with the latest embedded components on the market.  
Embedded Hardware Design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design: Design high-quality PCBs to provide electrical circuits and mount components for your embedded system. We handle 2-8 layer PCBs and components on both sides. PCBs are designed for manufacturing efficiency and reliability.
  • Electrical Engineering: Provide electrical engineering expertise for embedded system designs, including power requirements calculations, electrical schematic generation, wire harness designs, and system-level planning.  
  • Mechanical Engineering: Develop enclosures and frames for embedded systems to contain components. We design for thermal management, shock/vibration resistance, manufacturing assembly and, other requirements using 3D CAD tools.  

With in-house hardware and engineering skills, Tengda is able to provide clients with fully optimized, ready-to-manufacture embedded system hardware designs based on product specifications. Our designs incorporate cutting-edge technology aimed at high performance, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

To control embedded system hardware, we provide embedded software and firmware embedded software design services, including:

  • Operating System (OS) Selection: Choose a real-time operating system (RTOS) or minimal OS for your embedded application like FreeRTOS, Micrium, ThreadX, etc. For simpler needs, we can also work with bare-metal embedded software.  
  • Device Drivers: Develop hardware device drivers to interface your embedded system’s processor with connected components like sensors, displays, RF modules, and more.  
  • Control and Monitoring: Write embedded code to efficiently control, monitor and manage all aspects of your embedded system hardware, including processing sensor data, triggering actuators, and system-level functions.
  • User Interface: For embedded systems with a display, we develop an intuitive graphical or text-based UI and menu system for users to interact with the system. The UI is tailored to your product needs.  
  • Modular Code: Employ a modular approach to embedded software design based on device functionality. This results in highly organized, reusable, and optimized code that can form the foundation for product line extensions in the future.  
  • Debugging and Testing: Put embedded systems and software through rigorous testing procedures to identify and fix any issues related to performance, functionality, reliability, and user experience before delivery.  

With expertise in programming and troubleshooting embedded systems, Tengda provides clients with high-quality digital system design to control their electronic devices and bring new technologies to market faster. All software is designed to be maintainable, scalable, and compatible with future roadmaps.

Embedded Systems for Innovative Products

Leveraging our capabilities in electronic engineering and software development, Tengda provides complete embedded system design services for building innovative electronic products. We serve startups, SMEs, and OEM enterprises worldwide seeking professional engineering support to develop new smart, connected products. Contact us today to discuss your vision for the next generation of embedded electronic devices.

Our embedded systems enable a wide range of product applications, including power system analysis and design and hydroponic system design.

Embedded Systems for Innovative Products
  • Consumer electronics: Smart home devices, wearables, gaming gear, audio equipment, etc.  
  • Automotive systems: Telematics controls, EV charging, ADAS features, infotainment, and more.  
  • Medical devices: Diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring, therapeutic technologies, and healthcare management tools.
  • Industrial equipment: Automation controls, robotics, measurement tools, manufacturing systems, etc.
  • Telecommunications: Private branch exchanges (PBX), femtocells, repeaters, routers, and modems.
  • And many more — the potential applications of custom embedded systems are endless!
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