Design and Production of Custom Consumer Electronics

Design and Production of Custom Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are electronic devices used by individuals for personal purposes in daily life. They include popular tech products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, gaming systems, wearables, smart home devices, and more. The consumer electronics market is fast-paced, with new technologies and devices frequently being released to meet popular demands.
Tengda Electronics offers integrated design and manufacturing services for consumer electronics brands. We help visionary startups, OEM brands, and crowdfunded projects take new electronic product ideas and turn them into high-quality devices ready to launch on the global market. With decades of experience working for major consumer electronics manufacturers, Tengda has world-class engineering capabilities and resources for building any intelligent device.

Consumer Electronics Product Design

We provide a full suite of custom electronic design services for consumer electronics, including product design, industrial design of consumer electronics, electronic circuit design, embedded software development, and hardware testing.

  • Industrial Design: Develop a stylish outer enclosure and interface for your device to capture attention and appeal to target customers. Our industrial designers create multiple concepts based on your vision and specifications.
  • User Interface Design: Design an intuitive user interface (UI) to maximize the interactive experience with your device. We design UIs for displays as well as companion mobile apps. Our UIs are tailored to your product’s features and user base.  
Consumer Electronics Product Design
  • PCB Layout: Design high-density PCBs to provide a robust electronic foundation for your device. We stay on the cutting edge of PCB design and component integration to optimize performance and reliability.
  • Software Integration: Select and integrate the optimal operating system and software technologies for your product, like Android, Linux, or Windows 10 IoT. We then build any custom software required to run your device.    
  • DFM/DFA Consulting: Provide design for manufacturing and design for assembly consulting to streamline your device for efficient, low-cost production. We aim to simplify designs to reduce risks, cut part counts, improve testability, and yield higher assembly rates.
  • Engineering Analysis: Perform engineering simulations and analysis on designs, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), thermal, drop test, and HALT/HASS to identify any potential issues early on and ensure performance targets and product certifications can be met.  
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure any mandatory safety, wireless or environmental regulations are adhered to in the product design phase to gain access to target markets. We work to meet standards like UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, and WEEE.

At Tengda, we design consumer electronics that deliver meaningful innovation and user experiences built to last. Our solutions are grounded in proven best practices for performance, safety, and product integrity. Trust us to engineer your vision into reality through electronic designs customized for your needs and manufacturing processes focused on cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

In addition to design, Tengda offers a full suite of custom electronics manufacturing services, including PCB assembly, box build, functional testing, and configuration for consumer electronics products.

  • Volume Procurement: Source all electronic and mechanical parts required for your device’s bill of materials (BOM). We leverage established relationships with major component suppliers to get the best pricing and availability.  
  • SMT Assembly: Perform surface mount technology (SMT) assembly to solder components to PCBs efficiently at high volumes. We use advanced pick-and place machines and reflow ovens to achieve maximum throughput and quality.
  • Post-Assembly: Conduct post-assembly operations like programming, testing, wiring, conformal coating, and burn-in on assembled PCBs before integrating them into enclosures.  
  • Product Integration: Combine assembled PCBs, enclosures, batteries, labels, packaging, and other elements into fully functional finished products ready to ship. Final power-on and software connectivity testing before shipping ensures quality.  
  • Global Fulfillment: Support order fulfillment and direct shipping of products to worldwide destinations from our manufacturing facilities. We handle all logistics, taxes/duties, and regulatory paperwork required for compliance.  
  • Repair and Warranty: Offers optional after-sales services like product repair services, returns management, and extended warranty programs on your behalf. We troubleshoot and repair/refurbish products covered under warranty and out of warranty.
Electronics Manufacturing Services

As a full-service custom electronic supply chain partner, Tengda has the capacity and expertise to produce consumer electronics products at high volumes for global markets. We serve dozens of major consumer electronics manufacturers, helping them turn concepts into commercial devices distributed worldwide.

By partnering with Tengda for both design and manufacturing of your consumer electronics product, you gain a seamless transition from prototype to mass production, optimizing both time to market and total cost of development. Contact us today to discuss your vision for the next generation of smart, connected consumer devices.

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