About Tengda Electronics

More than 10 years of experience providing electronic design and manufacturing services. Tengda offers best-in-class electronics manufacturing solutions. With over 30,000 square feet of dedicated ESD-protected manufacturing space and advanced automated SMT production lines, Tengda has the capability to produce complex electronic products and electromechanical assemblies at high volumes. We were ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified in 2015 for our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. By leveraging China’s efficient supply chains and competitive costs, Tengda empowers clients to achieve strong competitiveness with cost-effective, high-quality products. Our experienced engineering team takes pride in delivering premier electronic design and manufacturing solutions.


Our Advantage

Many Tengda clients choose our electronics contract manufacturing services for all or part of their electronic products because we offer:

Right Frist Time

Delivered On Time

Cost Effective


Tengda Value

We focus on producing small to medium volumes of high-quality PCB assemblies and finished products. We understand our customers operate in industries where reliability and performance are critical. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the best electronic design and manufacturing services.
While providing superior electronic design and manufacturing, we also focus on social responsibility and sustainability. We pursue green manufacturing processes, minimize carbon emissions, and ensure occupational health and safety for our employees.

Original Design Manufacturing – ODM

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Electronic Manufacturing Services – EMS

Product Design and Manufacturing Process

1Market research and product planningConduct market research to identify customer needs and product requirements. Develop product specifications and a project plan.
2Electronic designDevelop electronic circuits, schematics, and PCB layouts based on the product specifications. Design components and board layouts to optimize performance, cost, and manufacturability.
3PrototypingBuild and test initial prototypes to verify the electronic designs and make necessary changes. Repeat as needed.
4Component sourcingSource all the required electronic components, PCBs, and other parts from suppliers. Ensure components meet quality and lead time requirements.
5Tooling designDesign necessary production tooling such as workpiece holders, product enclosures, test jigs, etc.
6Pre-production testingComplete full testing of “pilot run” assemblies to ensure all specifications are met before scaling up to mass production. Complete full testing of “pilot run” assemblies to ensure all specifications are met before scaling up to mass production.
7Process developmentRefine assembly processes to optimize production yield, quality, and cost. Standardize processes for consistency and training.
8Ramp-up and volume productionScale up approved assembly processes to target production volumes. Continue monitoring quality and costs. Improve processes as needed.
9Final testingFully test all completed products to quality standards before packaging and shipping.
10Packaging and shippingPack and ship finished products to customers according to their requirements.
11Customer serviceProvide post-sales support to address any issues or concerns from customers. Handle repairs, replacements, and other services as needed.
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